Meta Process

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What can you expect from this year?

•    Change and growth as a result of the impact of relationship with God
•    Life coaching that will equip you for life
•    Career guidance by a life coach
•    Friends – lifelong!
•    Discovering your life’s meaning

In the Metamorpho process we use four cycles which are parallel to each other.


These are as follows:

1. The experiential learning cycle

This cycle consists of 10 processes which take place in a very specific order to ensure for optimal growth and development in a student's life. The process not only consists of theory, but includes practical workshops and real life situations.  Here the students are exposed to a broad spectrum of topics, secular and spiritual, that aims to develop body, mind and Spirit.

1. Orientation Week
2. Concern to Compassion
3. The Father Heart of God & Christian foundation
4. Inner healing
5. Character Development
6. Potential & Career guidance
7. Leadership Development
8. Christian worldview
9. Relationships and Marriage
10. To life a meaningful life

2. The teambuilding cycle

This cycle supports the learning process of Metamorpho and causes tremendous development with regard to teamwork.  This cycle has a therapeutic effect on the student, especially for those students from broken circumstances.  It brings people skills and conflict management into a balanced perspective.

3. The life cycle skills

This cycle is a piece of practical preparation for life and serves as a team building component. Attention is given to conflict resolution, speaking skills, time management, finances, setting up a budget, and much more.

4. The adventure cycle

This cycle offers students the opportunity to live life to the full while they are young.  It develops courage and stamina, while helping the students to get in touch with nature, and it is also an important component of teambuilding. The adventure cycle makes Metamorpho a great year, full of exciting and unforgettable experience.

We have 6 camps that support these cycles.  For more information check out the videos at our “camp” link

Class schedule:

The class time will mainly be from 8:00 until 14:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  On Tuesdays the class time will be from 13:00 to 17:00.

Camps will not be held in holidays and on weekends. During the semester there are weekends where the communes will stay in and have a social program worked out to enhance the family feeling in the house.

There are also two change room weekends where the change rooms goes to a relaxed location and just enjoy each other’s' company and bond on a social level. These dates will be given well in advance.

After class schedule:

We expect of all our students to work, study or practice a professional sport after class. Shifts for work need to be 4 hours, 3 times a week. We help students with their study roster and expect them to have at least two subjects for the year.