What is Meta?

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Metamorpho offers young people a one-year post matric potential and character discovery course. Our focus is to equip a student for life. Metamorpho has been around for 15 years. The first and most important thing is that in Metamorpho we “stretch” our students all year long and they will function out of their comfort zones, so that they can grow and develop.

During this process a tremendous investment will be made in the following areas of each student's life:


Emotional healing and intelligence, spiritual life and Christian foundation, character building, leadership development and life skills, personality analysis, human relations, conflict resolution, inclusion of responsibility, knowledge of life principles, appreciation of nature, team building, self-esteem, relationships and marriage, life calling, and many more.

The whole process is thoroughly grounded in Biblical as well as current Industrial Psychological principles. It integrates the spiritual and physical life and is principled and practical! The leadership consists of “Life Coaches” who journey with each student. The process is progressive and functions adequately outside the student's comfort zone so that growth can continue to occur and that students will be responsible for their own learning and growth. This all happens in a very dynamic process that is very adventurous and that offers wonderful experiences.

Metamorpho is a "stretching" experience, a year which will never be forgotten.


Live life to the fullest!

Practical side


Metamorpho focuses on personal growth and therefore challenges will be presented to the students in all areas. Physically there is Gung Ho with its different adventure courses, Fanie Botha Hiking Trail with its steep mountains and a lot of other sports.


Then there is the High Ropes course which will challenge their way of dealing with fear. Students will be confronted with their weaknesses and challenged on their strengths. They will have to live openly towards leaders and fellow students. The year also includes a lot of research and reading from their side as well as presentations that will be delivered. It will be a full year and students need to keep their self - motivation up until the end. It comes down to a student making a commitment towards God that says: " I will take this year and all the challenges involved and absolutely give my everything until the end so that You can develop me and help me grow to my fullest potential!"


No student will be exempted from any physical activities during the year. Physical activities only require a mild level of fitness. Students who are very unfit might not keep up with the rest of the group and then suffer embarrassment whereas we would like to give them an environment that is positive and uplifting.

This year will be a lot more relaxed than a usual first year at university for example. The reason for this is that we would like to give each student sufficient time and space to take the theory and lessons and make it apart of their life and character. This takes a lot of introspection.


If a student feels at this stage of his/her life that they really lack self-confidence this year is perfect for them! Metamorpho is a year that discovers potential and potential is undiscovered ability. There is a lot more in each person than meets the eye. We want to help each student discover this potential and give them the skills to live it out to the fullest.


This is further a year where students will discover their true identity in Christ. Balance is very important to us and therefore no religious views will be forced on anyone. They will however be exposed to a lot of truth from the Word of God and their thought patterns might be challenged. Our focus is not denominations and we have students from a variety of church backgrounds attending our course each year.


We believe in adventure and doing things in a FUN way! We are REAL people that believe in transparency.


During this year we will cry together and laugh together - both in a healthy way! Students won’t be the same after Metamorpho and they will see situations and people in a whole different way. They will be people who embraces life with both hands and able to make good decisions. It will be a year that will help them understand who they are, where they're going and how to get there!