Metamorpho is a one-year course to discover true authenticity for young people that have finished school up until the age of 23 years. Our quintessential focus is to equip students for the world. Career guidance is one part of our holistic (body, soul and spirit) approach to equipping students to live full lives and contribute to their communities using the unique gifts they are entrusted with.

The whole process is thoroughly grounded in biblical, as well as current psychological principles. It integrates the spiritual and physical life, principled and practical! The process is progressive and functions adequately outside the student’s comfort zone so that growth may continue to occur, and students will embrace responsibility for their own learning and growth. It all happens in a very dynamic process that yields very adventurous and incredibly wonderful experiences. Metamorpho is a “challenging” experience and a year that will never be forgotten.

We stretch students to extract their character and potential and this only happens once they are put to the challenge outside of our comfort zones.

The responsibility for change lays with the student himself. We as leadership simulate experiences to extract the character and unlock the potential within. We keep students accountable and uphold the mirror of Truth. We create an environment that enables you to discover yourself and everything you learn thoroughly.

STEP 1: If you require more information email us at [email protected] or contact the office at: 061 545 6433

STEP 2:  Fill out the Online Registration form “here”.

STEP 3: Decide which admission day you wish to attend and confirm attendance “here” or via email at: [email protected] (admission day attendance is compulsory for enrolment).

STEP 4: During the admission day you need to conduct an admissions interview.

Course fees for 2025 will be confirmed later in the year. Course fees for 2024 however are R41 000.00 for the year and an inflation related increase can be expected for 2025. Course fees include all classes and camps as well as textbook, notebook, T-shirt and USB of the year.

Excluded from the costs are:

  • The end-of-year camp, ± R4000. This will be a savings project for the students for the year.
  • Hike equipment and food
  • Metamorpho online shop items (optional)
  • Contributions for two changeroom weekends throughout the year.

We require a registration fee of R4000 two weeks after the student is accepted, this forms part of the R34 500.00. If the fee is not paid, the student will be placed on the waiting list and we cannot guarantee place in the course. The remaining fees are paid off in 10 months from February 1 to November 1. Payment options are only Debit order or Once Off.

We wish to develop and prepare a student holistically therefor our classes are presented in such a way that students write their own textbooks. This means that we provide them with a notebook and they need to take notes like they would’ve needed to do if they went to university. We prefer students that have matric as this process as mentioned allows them to better engage in class. We open time in the afternoon should they wish to redo certain subjects to improve their marks for university application.

Metamorpho does have a bursary process. Bursaries and contacting people to sponsor a student becomes the student’s responsibility. Metamorpho no longer gives students bursaries. Please contact our office directly for more information.

Commune living is not compulsory yet recommended as this is where theory is out to the test and relationship building takes place.

We also take an emphasis on developing your physical abilities as well. Physically you will be challenged on our excursions. You need to jog and be physically able to do a 56km hike. If you are unsure if you will be able to meet the physical requirements we will issue you with a letter to be signed by your GP to determine your physical capacity.

Metamorpho facilitates a process that is designed to help you discover what God has put in you. For this process to be effective, students need to take responsibility for their growth. Being addicted to any substance hinders this process. We are not qualified to take you through such a process but we can point you in the right direction.

Attending an admission day is a requirement to form part of the process! During the admission days are where the interviews are conducted. To register click “here“.

We are exploring options to put down roots in the Western Cape area but nothing definite. Only once we have gathered the necessary information will we be able to define any such ideas.

Communes are situated right next to Doxa Deo Brooklyn where classes are held, and we are within walking distance to shops for food and work. If we as group need to travel Metamorpho will organise the necessary transport.

As we wish to create an environment for growth we put down a certain culture that is governed by a set of values that students and leaders adhere to which the students sign off on during registration. The values are discussed in detail at the admission days.

Our terms run in concurrence with the Gauteng school holidays and students will be allowed to go home during those times except for a few times during the year when we are away as a group. These dates will be handed out during registration in January.