Course fees for 2022 are R36 500 (excluding accommodation fees). The aforementioned fees includes all classes and camps as well as notebook, T-shirt and USB with videos of the year.

Fees for 2023 will be made available after we have confirmed our budget and have been in contact with our suppliers. Normally an inflation related increases can be expected.

Excluded from fees: 

  • The end-of-year camp, ± R3800. This will be a savings project for the students for the year
  • Equipment and Food for the Hiking Trail.
  • Metamorpho winter clothing range (optional)
  • Contributions for two changeroom weekends throughout the year. Students budget, plan and execute this as a group. This enables them to take ownership and acquire new skills.

Once you have been through the admission process we require a registration fee of R4000 two weeks after the student is accepted.

If the fee is not paid, the student will be placed on the waiting list and we cannot guarantee place in the course.
The remaining fees are paid off in 10 months from February 1 to November 1.
Payment options are only Debit order or Once Off.

The commune life is part of the growth process and contributes to the development of healthy relationships and self-reliance. The communes are adjacent to the church and a family environment is created throughout the year.

Room Costs:

  • 2 Bed Room = R2800 per month
  • 3 Bed Room = R2700 per month
  • 4 Bed Room = R2600 per month
  • 5 Bed Room = R2500 per month

No single rooms available.
Please note: The Rental Agreement is for 10 months and a R1500 deposit is required. This will be paid back once the students has moved out and no damage has been done to the property.

Costs Include: 

  • Fully furnished house (bed and mattress, cupboard, curtains, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, pots, pans, vacuum cleaner, washing machine)
  • Cleaning Products for the house
  • Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Milk, Breakfast Cereals, Fruit, Bread and certain spreads
  • Water and electricity use
  • Accommodation is on a “first come first served” basis according to enrollment, so choice of room size cannot be guaranteed.

Doxa Deo Metamorpho
Account no: 405 121 6674
Branch No: 632005
Reference: Student name + for what (eg John Smith Registration Fee 2022)

NB! Proof of payments must be sent to our debtors department at debtors@doxadeo.org as well as metamorpho@doxadeo.org


The class times will primarily be from 8:00 to 13:30 on Mondays to Friday’s. The program also runs concurrently with the Gauteng schools.
As part of the development process, Metamorpho as a group must attend the 19:20 service at Doxa Deo Brooklyn which also form part of class activities.

Starting in the second term on one afternoon per week  the men play “touch rugby” which also forms part of mandatory class time.

Seven excursions are part of our developing course in a practical manor. Genesis Student Camp, Gung Ho, the Fanie Botha hike, High Ropes, a World View Camp, the Outreach and the End-year Camp.

There is an orientation week at the start of the program. During the orientation week every students will be living in the communes.

We also expect the students to find a job, study or participate in professional sports practice after class. At least three shifts must be worked during the week and if a student chooses to participate in a sport, they must have received provincial colours for this specific sport and have professional coaching. When studying at most two subjects must be enrolled for.

At Metamorpho we provide commune accommodation to the students. We prefer that students stay in the communes as this is an extension of class and an integral part to the growth and interaction of the students with the rest of the group.

In the commune the students grow in terms of their independence, and learn to take responsibility for their own lives. The students also become a family while establishing new friendships, where they enjoy breakfast together in the mornings, and have an IN-weekend once every quarter where different fun activities are planned for the whole commune.

We have enough communes for all our students and the houses are located close to the campus where they will attend class. Commune life is AWESOME! Safety is a priority to us and therefore all the houses have electric fencing and alarms.

Every commune is fully equipped with a stove and an oven, as well as the necessary fridge and freezer space, pots and pans, microwaves, kettles, toasters and a washing machine to support the number of students living in the house. The students will also receive extras such as coffee, tea, sugar, milk, breakfast cereals, bread and fruit, as well as cleaning products. For the rooms the students will be supplied with a bed, mattress, curtains and sufficient closet space.

It is necessary for the students to supply their own cutlery, kitchen utensils, cloths for washing and drying, and any foodstuffs that they may need for lunch and dinner. Every student will be allocated their own cupboard space in the kitchen to ensure for sufficient storage. The students are also responsible for their own bedding and bathroom necessities.

If the student prefers not to stay in the commune it is necessary that he/she applies to do so with a written document which fully explains the reason. This document must be attached to their application form on the information day which they will attend.

Commune Layouts