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MSC Cruise Give Away


Concerning the entry for the ticket-raffle:

The MSC-cruises Metamorpho Giveaway raffle competition will close on Friday 21 January 2022, at 14:00 (once the admission day has started). This is the last admission day for the Metamorpho 2022 student intake.

The following admission days, and only the following, will be available:

3 December 2021, 09:00 @ Doxa Deo Brooklyn.

10 December 2021, 09:00 @ Doxa Deo Brooklyn.

14 January 2022, 09:00 @ Doxa Deo Brooklyn.

21 January 2022, 13:45 @ Doxa Deo Brooklyn.

Participation in the MSC-cruises Metamorpho Giveaway raffle is exclusively available to alumni Metamorpho students from 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. No alumni students from other Metamorpho years, including parents and siblings, are eligible to participate in this competition.

Prospective students will be asked to register for the above-mentioned admission days via the Metamorpho website at Eligibility to enter the raffle competition is determined by whether the alumni Metamorpho student is referenced and(or) mentioned as a referral in the registration process, or at the admission day.

For every prospective student brought to an admission day, you will earn one entry into a raffle. This means that the more prospective students you bring to admission days, the more your chances will be to win the raffle. There is no limit to the amount of students that you can refer to admission days.

Prospective students may not use more than one alumni Metamorpho student as a referral. Prospective students may only have one alumni Metamorpho student as a referral.

This does not mean that the person with the most entries into the raffle competition will automatically win the tickets. The winner of the raffle will be determined randomly from among all entries via a raffle.

Only students between the ages of 18 and 23, who have completed their matric or are completing their matric in 2021, will be eligible to attend an admission day.

Entries into the raffle will only be accepted and valid once a student attends the admission day in person. No entries are eligible for individuals attending the admission day online.

No third parties may participate in the raffle. Only alumni Metamorpho students (excluding the current Metamorpho team members), who have completed their Metamorpho year will be eligible to participate in the raffle.

Concerning the MSC-ticket:

Please refer to the MSC-terms and conditions for all health and travel requirements, terms, and conditions demanded from the MSC. Metamorpho does not take any responsibility for a participant’s failure to comply to the terms and conditions required and demanded from the MSC.

The MSC-ticket is issued exclusively for the cruise, and excludes all other excursions made available by the MSC.

This ticket is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

There is no insurance on the MSC-tickets provided. Please refer to the MSC-terms and conditions for more information regarding this.

The dates for which the cruise is booked and is allocated on the ticket cannot be changed or negotiated with the Metamorpho team or any third party.

The person allocated on the ticket, to whom the ticket is issued, is the only one eligible to use the ticket. This ticket cannot be given to someone else and is to be used by the person to whom it is given exclusively.

If the winner of the raffle is unable to attend this cruise for any reason, the ticket will be reallocated to a new winner who will also be determined randomly via a raffle.

Once the winner of the raffle is determined, the winner will have from Monday 24 January to Friday 28 January between 09:00 and 16:00, to collect their ticket from the Metamorpho office at 112 Anderson Street, Brooklyn.

If the winner of the ticket is unable to collect their ticket in person from the Metamorpho offices and is done so by the winner himself/herself, the ticket will be allocated to a new winner randomly via a raffle.


Follow the link below for MSC’s Terms & Conditions.