About Us

Metamorpho is built around the belief of discovering true authenticity

During a one-year process we navigate our students to take charge of their lives and to determine God’s purpose for their life.

We have a firm belief in equipping students to have outstanding metacognitive skills and teach them how to utilize their unique gifts to contribute meaningfully to society.

We wish to empower people between 18-23 years old to be the next generation of city changers and form part of a 25 year legacy.

Why Camps?


This is our first camp and our first student experience. We introduce our students to the life-changing culture of Metamorpho. During this experience we guide our students to start their journey of Discovering Their True Authenticity.

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This is our team building camp. This Chinese word is defined as “working together”, which is exactly what you will be doing on this camp. We work with the basic understanding of teamwork as well as create reachable goals for your team. On Gung Ho you will realise how you form part of a team and also what gifts and skillset you can add.

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We go on a hike of about 56 km between Sabie and Graskop. Over the course of this 4 day journey your character is put to the test and you are exposed the greatness of who God truly is. This is an exciting time where we focus on family and friendships sharing these moments together. Get your boots on, you do not want to miss this one.

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There comes a time in your life where you are challenged to face your fears, and this is where our high ropes come in. We have built our own high ropes course where exercises take place 12 meters up in the air. As you go through certain obstacles you are given the opportunity to work through emotional boundaries and address the fears in your life.

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What is your potential? What is the value of the person next to you? Do you understand the privilege and opportunities within your reach? These are the questions we answer through this simulated experience and other experiential exercises.

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Our focus during this camp is how we can impact our society through means of our gifts, talents, time and resources. A truly humbling experience, and sure to leave you with a sincerity for the love of others.

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This is jam packed with excitement and fun. We celebrate the victories, friendships and growth that happened throughout the year. This is where it all comes together as a group vacation and fellowship opportunity.

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Heinrich & Suné

van der Merwe

The visionary and joyful leaders of Metamorpho are none other than these legends. Heinrich did Meta in 2014 and soon after joined the team to later become our fearless leader of the institution. Heinrich truly has an incredible sense of leadership and wisdom, while Suné has a beautiful and sensitive spirit. Together Heinrich and Suné make a joyful and exciting team and keep guiding young people through a life-changing process. Both of then love their community and especially enjoys guiding other men and women into fullness. They are by far the most intense, interesting, and exiting members of the team. Combined, the experience they have of being part of the Metamorpho team is 14 years. 


De Vries

Innes loves climbing mountains and being outdoors! For him to stay sane, he has to go on frequent adventures with friends. His vision is to change communities and raise leaders to do the same. He loves serving at Metamorpho because the fruit of the process is young leaders being raised who are able to change their world! Innes has been with the team for 4 years and he plans on enhancing the management structures of Meta. PS. He loves Romans Pizza so much he can eat one and a half of their large pizzas! 



A big part of her heart is to solve problems through creativity. She is very passionate about loving life, seeing the next generation discover God’s calling over their lives, and helping them to develop their true potential. Adventure is her strong suit except when it comes to heights – then something else happens. She enjoys winning when the team plays together. If She’s not at the office or spending time with people – you can find her devouring a chocolate-dipped Steers ice cream.



Marcelle recently joined the Meta team. Her attributes to the team are mostly behind the scenes to assist with admin and logistics so that the leaders can give their full attention to the students. She loves being outdoors, being active, spending time with her husband, Fritz, and their 3 children. She is gentle, has a pure, honest love for people. Thrives on encouraging people and redirecting people on a path of healing and restoration so that they can thrive as human beings and give Jesus all the glory. She serves in the Kingdom of Light as a prophetic prayer warrior and a washer of feet. 



JP is a very adventurous, outgoing and softhearted person. He has a big heart for ministry but a bigger one for the next generation. His character is solid, straightforward, and he is steadfast with true justice, but can also be goofy. His passion is to see the people understanding their identity in Christ and that they will understand the love God has for them. His hobbies are gym, hunting, fishing and keeping fish as pets. 



She is not what you expect when you first meet her. She will protect you fiercely and always look for beauty in everyone she meets. Her goal is to help people discover their identity in the Kingdom of God. She always wants to guide people from brokenness into a healed relationship with themselves and God. Her passion is to nurse people mentally and physically. Her favorite hobbies are dancing and reading books. 



Igné is a very courageous person who has ambition for young adults. He always chooses connection over disconnection. God is his corner stone where he follows his heart for leadership. He is funny and loves sport and community 



Hanno is an ambitious leader. Aspiring to create spaces that honor God and love people. He works best under pressure and is open-minded, eager to optimize the environment he functions in, leading with compassion and truth. Holiness and love are key driving factors in his pursuit towards establishing God’s kingdom. 



Alexandré experiences personal growth daily and is passionate about guiding young people to discover their true selves in God’s truth. He authentically aligns with his identity according to God’s teachings, striving each day to evolve as a better man of God. Resilient in the face of challenges, he refuses to give up easily and consistently finds ways to stay positive. With boundless energy, Alexandré brings joy to his surroundings through his humor and embraces a healthy, active lifestyle. Unwavering in his faith and convictions, he eagerly anticipates the growth he will achieve as a leader at Metamorpho. 



Morné has a passion for the next generation and diving into God’s Truth over their lives. In his spare time, you will find him with his community. Morné has an outgoing spirit for camping, 4×4 trips and exploring new adventures. His boldness is filled with joy and compassion. He is excited to see what this year has in store for himself and for the people around him. 


De Vries

Eben is filled with boldness, fearlessness and generosity. He is limitless, ambitious and boundless! Anything to do with adventure; you will find him in the front row. Eben is a dedicated and driven person. He is very passionate and intentional with the people around him. He is young-at-heart and strong in his faith 


De Beer

Adelien enjoys quality time with her community and experiencing God’s joy in such moments. Declaring God’s truth over people’s lives and hold them accountable to God’s truth is important to her. She stands for what is fair in God’s eyes and not the worlds perspective. She wants to acknowledge the beauty in the day and make life an adventure! Because she knows God loves her, she can and wants to love others. 


De Kock

Kari is passionate about bringing God’s light, sharing her joy wherever she goes and meeting new people. She values quality time with friends and family as her kindness and loyalty knows no bounds. Her adventurous spirit and love for nature comes together when she’s on horseback. She has a good balance of knowing when to work, when to have fun and never shies away from a challenge. She strives to give a helping hand whenever she can. 


Van Niekerk

Annieke is a very joyful, calm, creative and kindhearted person. She has an absolute love for caring and guiding the younger generation to truly know God in a deeper level. She adores learning and exploring new things with all her heart. She loves spreading God’s truth and love to those who feel lost. She is steadfast in her believes and love for Christ. She has a serving heart that never dims down. She is equipped with Honor, Love, Grace and Hope.



The meaning of her name is: God is Gracious. Her greatest desire is to represent the presence of God. Her focus is to see the original, untouched handwork of God in people, and then to guide them to discover it themselves. To shine the light that God has placed in us into dark places. It brings her a lot of joy when growth is activated in people. A large part of her heart reaches out to less fortunate people and to bring change in their lives. Her motto is: “Do what Glorifies God”. 



Olga is a very passionate & culture driven person. She is ambitious, outgoing and adventurous. Her heart is on fire for the people around her, but even more for the Holy Spirit. She is bold, fearless and humorous. She has a natural influential soul and is a highly motivated individual. Olga is ready for the season and excited to see what God has planned for not only herself but those around her. 



Clarise is a very bubbly, outgoing, energetic and kind-hearted person. She has an immense love for the outside world, especially when it comes to being adventurous and exploring new things. Her heart is set on Heavenly things, and being steadfast in her beliefs will always be her root & foundation. She has a very ambitious- and an impassioned heart for the people around her. She is packed with grace, truth & love. Serving comes naturally & loving God comes easily.