Wynand Smit

Metamorpho was amazing for me, one of the camps that really influenced me was Gung Ho, I remember that there was one obstacle where we need to climb over logs. A few times I fell off the obstacle and then climb back on it was like 4 times. Eventually my change room said I can leave it, but I said no I want to finish it. I remember the 5th time I got back up and finished it. After Gung Ho we was asked to affirm each other with a word that they saw marked us during that camp and most people said I have endurance. Endurance since that was my thing to lose 34kg from 2017/18. After graduating Seminary I had the privilege to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, I remember that during Meta I learned a lot about the commune living circumstances. At BSSM I had the same experience with commune living as well. God used meta commune living to prepare me for my BSSM experience in regarding with the commune living. Mostly how to confront people, but also how to keep peace and honour in the house.